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Glulam & Timber Beams - GLT Beams

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A completely new generation of glued-laminated beams.

The significant increase in the number of timber buildings in recent years can be seen as the continuation of a long and successful tradition. It is also proof that timber construction is ideally suited for today’s housing and working environments. Open timber structures are not only used as load-bearing elements of a building, they are also appreciated as part of the interior design

KVH or GLT is the simplest and safest solution in contemporary timber construction, enabling the engineer to select exactly the right type of timber for the project in hand.

KVH Beams are available from Wogan Distributors in Pine, Spruce and Fir, in sizes up to 280mm x 200mm x 13m.
Every single beam is passed through a patented tensile test which detects all previously hidden defects in the wood as well as any production errors. This means that with GLT® products every beam is guaranteed to meet its specified strength requirements. Therefore GLT® demonstrates unmatched levels in terms of reliability, safety, quality performance and cost effectiveness.

The following beams are carried ex stock:

GLT (KVH) 220mm x 100mm x 8.0m
GLT (KVH) 280mm x 100mm x 13.0m

GLULAM 320mm x 120mm x 12m
GLULAM 400mm x 160mm x 12m

Please note there are many other sizes available to order. Please contact Bernard Wogan for further information bernard@wogandistributors.ie  


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